Top 7 Reasons to Buy an E-Bike, and why choose Ridel

Ridel E-Bikes

Alongside stay-at-home orders, people have flocked to outdoor activities. Electric bicycles (e-bikes) sit among equipment like camping gear and kayaks that have rapidly grown in popularity among consumers all around the world.

The revolution is due in part to a growing fear of public transport, a desire to return to fresh air and nature, and the speed that accompanies any ride.

Below, our top 7 reasons to join the growing e-bike community:

  • They’re the future of commuting

Not only will the upfront investment save you in the future, but you’ll be safe from the unpredictability and uncertain future of public transportation.

If you’re a daily commuter, you might find yourself regularly navigating train delays or traffic jams.

No more crowded subways or buses as you’ll be able to navigate city streets with ease and confidence.

Although these bikes are effectively a motorized vehicle, you don’t need a license to ride one, making them a great alternative for any type of rider looking for a faster and more efficient commute.

The combination of motor power and human power means that riders can arrive at their destination without working up a sweat, making it attractive to students or work commuters.

The Future of transportation
The Future of transportation
  • They’ll save you money

RIDEL e-bikes come at a competitive price point — our collection of five custom-made bikes are designed with maximum style, smart technology and security, but equally important — we're committed to great design and innovation without an extra cost to riders.

The upfront cost of an e-bike will save you in the long run, as the maintenance costs run similar to a regular bike.

Opting for an e-bike will save you thousands of dollars in comparison to other modes of transportation, as it’s far more inexpensive than buying and maintaining a car, or even paying daily fare for public transportation in major cities.

  • Sustainable Travel

E-bikes are known to have less of an impact on the environment, making them an eco-friendly option to get from point A to point B.

If you’re looking for more meaningful ways of “going green,” e-bikes are an easy way to regularly commit to sustainability as they have a lower carbon footprint compared to conventional vehicles.

Powered by rechargeable batteries, they don’t burn any fuel or release any gases into the atmosphere.

When the batteries are properly disposed of in specified waste sites, they have little to almost no effect on the environment.

  • Enjoy Cycling Longer Distances

Riding a bicycle has been proven to have a strong, positive impact on the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of people.

By boosting endorphins, riding a bicycle can improve health and self-esteem, while also reducing stress or tiredness.

One of the significant benefits of riding an electric bicycle is getting to enjoy this time outdoors and activity for a longer distance.

Riders can easily travel for a half day without exhausting their legs, experiencing more views or sights compared to walking or riding a regular bike.

  • Free Speed to Get Where You’re Going, Faster

Get some extra power on your early morning ride or commute home — electric bikes use a combination of manual pedalling and battery power to go faster.

RIDEL’s EKO cadence sensor offers even more control over boost level and speed; the rider simply needs to adjust the assist mode manually up and down.

A 250 W engine with five settings can take you to speeds up to 20mp/h, while the TRIPSTER is designed with 4.0 super fat tires and dual suspension to increase rider ease and decrease fatigue.

The TRIPSTER is ready to take on the road or trail when you are — you can go up to 60 miles with power and speed. 

  • Ride in Style

RIDEL emphasizes innovation to design bikes that are not only enjoyable and comfortable, but sleek and cutting edge.

Whether you’re choosing the TRIPSTER, which can fold up and travel with you wherever you go, or the ORA, featuring a one-piece magnesium alloy frame, you’ll be sure to have some of the most sought-after rides on the road.

  • Easy Conquer Hills

A major benefit of pedal assisted e-bikes is that they’re equipped to handle steep hills and mountain biking, and are designed to ensure your ride is easy and comfortable.

Increasing the power of your e-bike will offer more hill-climbing strength and/or protection against headwinds, but ultimately decrease the total number of miles that an e-bike can travel on any given ride.

In some instances, the e-bike complements human power rather than entirely replacing it, depending on the difficulty of the terrain.

For off roading lovers, there’s no terrain you can’t ride with the TRIPSER, which is designed with 4.0 super fat tires and dual suspension to increase rider ease and decrease fatigue, ready to take on the road or trail when you are.

Still curious to learn more about the latest in e-bikes, and find a ride that’s best for you? Browse our latest collection that will help you get from point A to B faster and more affordably than any ride out there.

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